PRG Catering will make your Washington, DC rehearsal dinner a hit with both families involved in your nuptials! Traditionally hosted by the groom’s family, the rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to break the ice and spend some quality time with your guests. On wedding night, the families of the bride and groom may be pulled in too many directions to put in any real quality time with any one guest. A rehearsal dinner with PRG Catering can relieve some of the mounting pre-wedding tension, and make everyone invited feel comfortable with the impending nuptials (while not upstaging the main event). All of your guests will benefit from our staff’s experience running smooth, flawless and fun Private Events – for everyone from A-list celebrities to the President himself to local DC brides and grooms.

You can choose to have a formal or casual event catered by PRG at your location in the DC area. Or, opt for the lovely, customizable private rooms and outdoor patios at our restaurants LINCOLN or Teddy & The Bully Bar. PRG can create the type of event you want, from intimate to grand, at these great locations in greater Washington, DC.


Tips for a Flawless DC Rehearsal Dinner

Over the years, we’ve learned what it takes to create a memorable, fun and fantastic rehearsal dinner. You have probably attended many rehearsal dinners and have ideas in mind for yours. Read over our bullets below and keep these key points in mind as you plan.

  • Your rehearsal dinner should not overshadow what’s to come. Typically, it is a more casual, lower cost per-plate affair than the wedding, and the atmosphere is slightly more casual. This can also help put guests at ease.
  • If your DC area wedding is the apex of the weekend, the rehearsal dinner can be an exclusive preview. Your post-wedding brunch is a great way to “recap” the weekend’s events.
  • You can even opt for a cocktail party with passed h’ors doeuvres, a buffet or BBQ instead of a conventional sit-down rehearsal dinner.
  • Use the rehearsal dinner as a “welcome party” for out-of-town guests.

At PRG Catering, we’re all about the food. Executive Chef Demetrio Zavala brings the deliciousness of the seasonal, locally-sourced menus in our restaurants to you at your DC rehearsal dinner. Our catering menus are designed to accommodate a variety of budgets, party sizes, and rehearsal dinner types. At our restaurants, you get flexibility and seating from 10 to 200 (for restaurant buyout), you can choose from our fresh, seasonal menus, plan an event with passed h’ors deouvres and/or buffet stations or design an informal cocktail party at our bar (note: we require pre-set menus for parties of 17 guests or more).

Couples today are more creative than ever in planning their wedding weekends, and many conventions are a thing of the past. You can use the term “dinner” loosely — cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, a buffet, or even a barbecue are all perfectly acceptable options that we can help you execute perfectly. Just be sure you make your intentions clear in your invites so your guests know what to expect.

We’ll help you turn the dinner into a fabulous welcome party. If your wedding is mostly local friends and family but a few key people traveled far to come to your wedding, you might want to extend the invitation to them as a thank you for their extra effort. If you’re throwing a destination wedding in DC or a party where at least half of the guests are from out of town, show your appreciation by inviting everyone to the night-before festivity. If your budget is limited, stick to a more exclusive group for the rehearsal dinner itself but follow it up with a large but informal welcome cocktail or dessert party for out-of-towners later in the evening. Our team at PRG can help you turn all of this into a reality.

Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding Catering at Any DC Area Venue

Get the taste you love at our restaurants, wherever your rehearsal dinner is held! We are expert at on-location rehearsal dinner and wedding catering, bringing the style and taste of our restaurants to many of DC’s incredible private event venues. Our team of talented party planners and chefs will ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

We also do fabulous post-wedding brunches!

Private Events Director Jeanhee Kim is ready to assist you and can make your wish for a unique, timeless, distinctive and fun rehearsal dinner in DC come true.