Choosing the perfect libations to celebrate your event can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to please a big crowd. Here are some insider tips for trendy and tasty cocktails to start your event off with a kick!

Follow Bartending Trends

  • It’s our job to know what’s “in style” as far as bartending is concerned. Recently, major cocktail trends have included Meyer lemon and herbal ingredients. We can elevate even your favorite cosmo to something memorable and fresh. Our mixologists will tailor a signature drink that is personal and on-trend.

Keep it Simple

  • Choose one light (vodka, rum, gin) and one dark (whiskey, bourbon, etc.) and you’re sure to please nearly everyone at your party.


  • We have created colorful cocktails that reflect bridal theme colors, political party, corporate branding and more.


  • Summery drinks like the margarita flow easily during the season of sun. We can put a fresh spin on all your summer favorites.
  • Winter wonderland drinks (as shown) are both eye-catching and delicious.
  • Mulled wine, hard cider and beer are excellent selections for autumn parties.
  • Mint juleps are perfect for spring and horse racing season … but there are so many more. We use modern gastronomy techniques to impart unique flavors to our cocktails. We will craft a signature cocktail around your favorite seasonal ingredients.


  • Happy hours at our restaurants LINCOLN and Teddy feature pre-prohibition style cocktails, moonshine and more. We’ll bring the same inspiration and mixology know-how to your event.

Personal Favorites

  • For weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, a signature cocktail that’s the bride or groom’s signature drink makes sense. We can put a fresh spin on what may have been your favorite classic cocktails for years.

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